The Beautiful Mother of My Children

The Beautiful Mother
of My  ChildrenMichelle
The Beautiful Mother of My Children

Where The Heart Is


If Only For A Moment Michelle

You said goodbye……..I had no choice.

I tried my best to take care of you and make you happy. I adored every part of you and still do. I don’t know why you felt it was not worth it. It was worth it all, Michelle.

We could have fixed all that may have been broken. i-miss-you-forever

Every inch of my life was you. You said goodbye and I don’t think I’ll ever get past that day. My heart broke and I have never recovered no matter how hard I try.

Always in my heart and yet it seems never to return again. I guess you heart broke well before mine and somehow I wake and wonder why not talk to me, talk about it. It may be too light, for you, but I was ever responsive to anything you ever felt and desired, why could I not see this. To think about the girl you love, above everything else in life, and I all I want to do is hug you tight to know you’re so loved and you cannot.  I miss you always Michelle.



I Saw The Light

Michelle we were so much a part of each others lives and there is not a place I go or person I see that does not bring me to you. As you can see below, on of all days, August 14, a musician whose best song will always be attached to you and to us is performing. Would I love you take you to see the show? I would be honored if you would accept. Is this a sign? …….. I want to believe so badly that it is Michelle. Please allow me to see you on this day, our day, 36 years later.Michelle Gersh
There is somehow I hope you have some faith at a time where it is easier to not believe.
I promise you one thing. I will always love you, respect and honor you and if allowed to work my utmost to repair our little place in the world. I think of you so many times in a day and see you in most everyone I meet. That is the truth. I promise.
Michelle GershMichelle I have not seen you in what seems like ages. There are so many times in a day that I think about you and wonder how you are.
For me you will always be the Michelle I met and we would sit on the floor in you bedroom listening to , “I Saw The Light (In Your Eyes)” .
I miss you so very much Michelle and I love you. That is the beginning and end of everything, (in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald).
I am sorry for making you sad and then mad.
I am sorry for letting you down.
I am sorry for never understanding and in the end never compromising.
I am sorry for breaking your heart which in the end tore my whole  life apart.
Please forgive me Shelly.
If given the chance Michelle I will love you forever with all I have.
You are without a doubt  the loveliest, tenderest and most beautiful person I have ever known in my life and even that may be the understatement of a lifetime.
What can I say Michelle you are simply every lovely word I could ever possibly think of.

I Wish I Had Done Everything On Earth With You Michelle




I Wish I Had Done Everything On Earth With You MichelleWhen I fell in love with you Michelle, every limitation disappeared.

You give your all and you hope it comes back. When it’s right it comes back hundredfold.

And when it’s gone you don’t realize until it is too late the gaping hole in your life. The missing pieces that crumble and disintegrate.

The passion in life comes from finding that person you want to spend every minute of every day with. MichPete

Michelle, I am so grateful for our time and appreciate you more and more each day. Together or apart,  you are the love of my lifetime.

Faith- She’s The One You Wait For

“Marriage is not about finding a person you can live with, it’s about finding the person you can’t live without.” When you find that woman, you can be sure she’s the one.

Michelle Gersh

What has happened since is my fault and I take full responsibility.


To the one person I want to spend all of my time with.

To the one person who made every situation more enjoyable just by being there.

To the one person I could tell anything to and who knows more about me than anyone in the world.

Please believe in me even though everything and everyone tells you not to.



As Time Goes By

As time goes by I still think of her.  I fell a combination of guilt, sadness and regret in all that could have and should have been.

Life has thrown many curves in this world and you stand there and belt each one. Life brought me the perfect girl, the dream. Michelle Gersh

She is so many things to me but above all she is The Story Of My Life.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you Michelle.

All It Took Was 2 Weeks

Michele GershIt took not more than two weeks to fall in love with you Michelle. It was epic……… the kind of love people write books about or make movies about.

The moments in our life that take our breath away and each of those moments Shelly include you. Michelle Gersh

I may have missed the point for too long and thought I was in a race, Michelle, but life was all about you. I won the race the day you said “yes” and just like it took my breath away when Mike was born, and Alana (our Wawa) and Jojo, my fear is that I will take that last breath one day myself, and lose my chance to make it right with you Michelle.Michelle Gersh

Though I can’t go back and make a brand new start, I know and will always believe that we can start from today and make a brand new ending.

Michelle, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

January 31

You Mean More To Me Than Words Can Ever Say-

It was more than a song.  It was the words that I carried in my soul and felt so blessed each and every day we were together.Michelle Gersh

Some memories of that amazing night are just below.

You mean more to me Shelly than anyone I’ve ever known and I gave you all my love every minute of the day. Tragically, the baggage that came along became insufferable to you.

You’re all I ever needed and all I wanted was to be that one for you as well.

I love you Michelle.